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In severe cases, surgery is required to free the nerve. It is recommended only if conservative therapy and other treatments are ineffective. To prevent Roth-Bernhardt disease, the patient must adhere to the following rules: Watch your diet, do not gain excess weight. Constantly move, engage in swimming, cycling, physical education. Do not wear tight clothing, underwear, corsets, belts. Refuse heavy devices on the belts - tools, weapons, etc. Do not load the lower back. Don't get Cialis. If necessary, wear a corset.

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To improve the production of myelin in the nerve fibers, normalize metabolic processes, restore the structure of nerve tissues, it is necessary to use vitamins:

Thus, at an early stage of development, Roth's disease is well treated, does not bother the patient, does not impair performance. If the disease is started, everything will end with trophic ulcers, lameness. Take care of your health! Roth-Bernhardt's disease: symptoms, treatment with folk remedies, where they treat in Moscow. The lifestyle of a modern person is conducive to the development of tadalafil associated with dysfunction of the nervous tissue. Sedentary work, lack of regular physical activity, eating disorders - all this over time leads to various manifestations of carpal tunnel syndrome.

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Roth-Bernhardt disease is a type of compression of a nerve fiber in the tunnel canal in the thigh and ilium.

The tendon apparatus of the inguinal group of abdominal muscles is affected. Pain can manifest itself in the anterior surface of the ilium and the inner thigh. Over time, damage to the epidermal group of lateral nerves leads to a decrease in skin sensitivity of the lower limb. Most often, the pathology is one-sided and develops in the fair sex. For the first time, the pathology was diagnosed and described by two doctors (Bernhardt and Roth), whose namesOh, and she received later.

Among the common causes, an anomaly of the anatomical structure of the ilium is in the lead, as a result of which compression may occur and neuralgia may develop. Compression can occur during pregnancy due to a violation of the physiological position of the pelvic bones. With an increase in the angle of the lumbar lordosis, prolapse is observed in the projection of generic cialis joints. Taken together, this provokes a change in the angle of inclination of the pelvic bones, which can form the preconditions for compression pressure on the nerve fibers passing through the tunnel.

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    Pathogenic risk factors include overweight, impaired lymph outflow from the thigh area (usually accompanied by cellulite and excess volume), venous pathologies with blood stasis.
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    It is also worth excluding a sedentary lifestyle, unusual physical activity, stressful situations, malnutrition and a lack of drinking water. Classic symptoms of Roth-Bernhardt disease and diagnosis. Diagnosis of pathology can be difficult due to the fact that the classic symptoms of Roth-Bernhardt disease are often disguised as manifestations of a number of other diseases. Differential diagnosis is carried out with radiculopathy, osteochondrosis, herniated disc, neuritis and neuropathy of cialis origins.
In the later stages, so-called trophic changes may appear: with constant malnutrition and innervation, soft tissue atrophy begins. Ulcers, deep scars, abscesses may occur.